Friday, 18 April 2014

Kimberley MW 1-3 Cropwell Utd

Venue: The Stag Ground, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire

Competition: EMPAL Div 1

H-T 0-2  
F-T 1-3

30th minute 0-1
45th minute 0-2
73rd minute 1-2
80th minute 1-3

No report - just notes to register the fact that I was there, on this cold Thursday evening to see a game that meant nothing to either team.  Danny Staley was kitted up in case he was needed -   shorts certainly do not make him a fashion icon!

EMPAL - can't take it seriously - they have roll-on, roll-off subs for cripes sake.  I have never grasped that concept. Not what I call proper football.

Proper Referee though in John Middleton - he was the official that sent off Selston's Sean Gregory and Elliot Jones at Wollaton the other month. He never had to break sweat whilst officiating this game, but the adrenalin levels never rose too high throughout the whole 90 minutes, giving the whole game that surreal  end of season feel.  Still -gets you out of the house, doesn't it!