Monday, 12 May 2014

So endeth the 2013-2014 season

The "ontheroad 2013-2014" season was not a classic one, by any stretch of the imagination. 

113 games is not a bad total for the campaign and 472 goals is a decent quantity, but some of the games were instantly forgettable.

So, as we wind down this season's blog in preparation for a new challenge next season, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took a little of their time to read the posts  and hope one or two were of some interest!

This is the 187th and final post of the 2013-2014 blog - that is a lot down on previous seasons, but still a lot of writing! My excuse? I had a serious loss of interest around the end of 2013 and missed quite a few games.

2010-2011 posts 282
2011-2012 posts 202
2012-2013 posts 215
2013-2014 posts 187

Goal of the season: Has to be Martin Lench's 40+ yarder for Kimberley MW v Magdala.

Best game: Probably Arnold Tn U19 1-3 Southwell City U19's. What a great advert for the U19 game.

Worst game: Sorry, I had to chose one, and Hucknall Tn v Holbrook St. Michaels is still stuck in the memory as the one game that made you want the two hours of your life back!

Most feisty game: Has to be Kirkby Town v Sycamore Saints - red cards, fights and was eventually abandoned!

Most foul mouthed team: Expected it to be a men's team? Oh no -  it has to be Newcastle Utd Ladies. Talk about Geordie Shore! %~@*ing potty mouths!!

Best come back: Forest Ladies coming from 0-2 down 3-2 win over Leeds Utd was good, but not quite as good as Heanor's remarkable 4-3 win against Long Eaton Utd, the Lions turning around a 0-3 half-time deficit to grab all three points.

Nil-nils?: Only one - Kimberley MW v Hucknall Rolls, but as that was abandoned at half-time, does it count?

Double figures?: Only one - Kirkby Town 10-2 Stratford Haven

Sad to see them go: Eastwood Town, T8's.

I couldn't possibly choose a "most friendly" club - there are so many that if I miss one out, I may be in serious trouble!!

So endeth a less than enjoyable season, but here's to "ontheroad 2914-2015" - hopefully for "maggie's", it will be a good and fruitful one!

Hope you all have a good break - see you in July!!!

Malcolm Storer / Kevin Goodman

TTFN !!!