Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hucknall Town 0-2 Southwell City

Venue : Watnall Road, Hucknall, Notts.

With Kev taking care of family business, I was debating on whether to stick to my original game at Clipstone, or stay uber-local and take in Hucknall Town v Southwell City. As the weather forecast was specific about rain at 5pm, I opted for the latter choice, and as I drove into the car-park, was pleased to see "Mr. Newark Town", Richard Lane, walking towards the turnstile - this meant at least I wouldn't be "Billy No-Mates" again!!

The team sheet was stuck in a window in the club shop - securely behind bars so no-one could have it away....made it a bitch to photograph!!!

I did write the line-ups down though -

Town: Beddingham, Gatland, Crisp, Arnold, Davidson, Henry, Whetton, Aikman, Hamilton, Francis, Whitehead. Subs: Gillott, Oyesile, Lomax, Mugadza, Ford

City: Danby, Chatfield, Nadif, Smith, Gill, Guest, Walker, Brown,  Waites, Whitely, Webster. Subs: Royes, Ratcliffe, Cowley, MacDonald.

STEF WHITELY opened the scoring in the 3rd minute, prodding home from two yards after the Hucknall defence failed to clear a corner, and failed in their efforts to stop the Southwell striker getting to the loose ball first. H-T 0-1

Southwell wrapped up the points in the 93rd minute. When Town were awarded a free-kick on the edge of the City penalty area, they sent everyone up, except keeper James Beddingham. John Whetton tried to be cute and roll the ball under the defensive wall, but unfortunately for Whetton, the wall didn't jump and the ball was played quickly out of defence to STEF WHITELY who was on his own on the half way line. The no. 10 had no trouble in getting the ball under control, and ran with it into the Town box before firing an unstoppable shot past Beddingham. F-T 0-2

This result was a bit harsh on the home team who, it can be argued, deserved at least a share of the spoils. Really poor play in front of goal robbed the Yellows of a point, one effort from 6 yards flying so high over the City bar that NASA are busy tracking it as we speak...

Admission: £3
Programme: £1
Attendance: H/C 92

Referee Scott Mason had a quiet game - he only had to caution two  players during the game, both from Southwell.

Good to see our friends Robin and Declan Bourne at the game. I don't think I've ever previously seen these excellent match officials together as mere spectators....funny man is Robin, very funny!!

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Foot-note: the rain actually began at 17:05 - and as I had planned, I was back home by then!